Asset Management

Management of wind and photovoltaic power plants is demanding, extraordinary and constantly growing. Wootis, aware of these needs, provides services to maximize the operation time of the plant, improve technical availability and energy production, and extend your asset’s lifetime. τηλεπαρακοούθηση

monitoring τεχνική διαχείριση

Technical Management τεχνική συντήρηση

Operations and Maintenance εμπορική διαχείριση

Commercial management εμπορική διαχείριση

Representation on the Stock Exchange τηλεπαρακολούθηση

24/7 Remote monitoring

Thanks to the specialized softwares we use, we monitor your assets 24/7 and store all necessary data on a daily basis to provide in-depth reports on these assets. In this way, your investment achieves its maximum performance. Αναγνώριση σφαλμάτων

Error Identification

We promptly manage errors that occur in order to reduce downtime of the plant and we inform of critical errors. τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Remote control

We evaluate the errors that occur and we try remotely to fix the error.

Wind Turbines Remote Monitoring Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring τεχνική διαχείριση

Supervision of the power plant

We coordinate and inspect the maintenance and repairs of your asset. In addition, we invigilate maintenance plans and control intervals. We also take care to keep to these plans. It is worth mentioning that the maintenance plan is coordinated in such a way as to minimize production losses. τεχνική διαχείριση

Reporting and performance analysis

We conduct monthly reports to update the results of all critical characteristics of the plant. Every quarter of a years, we prepare an evaluation of the plant's results with proposals to improve its efficiency and functionality. τεχνική διαχείριση

Ensure compliance with legislation

We are being informed daily for changes in legislation, keeping an eye on deadlines for permits, plant’s protection systems and personal protective equipment, and checking all the necessary equipment for the smooth and safe operation of your asset.

Wind Turbines Technical Management Photovoltaic Technical Management τεχνική συντήρηση

Proactive and reactive maintenance

We proactively maintain all of your plant’s components and we repair any fails that may occur. At the same time, we coordinate our teams and all the works that must be done in the plant for immediate and effective response. τεχνική συντήρηση

Electrical and mechanical maintenance

We carry out all necessary electrical and mechanical maintenance based on the manufacturer's specifications τεχνική συντήρηση

Maintenance of Balance of Plant

We also care about the Balance of Plant of your plant, such as access roads, fences and other building blocks of the plant.

Wind Turbines Maintenance Photovoltaic Maintenance εμπορική διαχείριση


We check all invoices objective and computational based on accepted financial proposals, purchase orders, or other information that we have. We make all payment transactions on time. We control the power generation calculation of information notices from the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator/Operator of Electricity Market and compare it with the output recorded by the software used by the technical management. εμπορική διαχείριση

Financial monitoring

We prepare the data in chronological order and we integrate it into your investment's workflow. In this way you can have an overall view of your investment’s earnings and expences. At the same time, we carry out all the obligations with banks, public services, public enterprises and organizations and RES aggregators related to your investment. εμπορική διαχείριση

Financial statements

We evaluate the cash inflows and outflows of the plant monthly, we review financial and business documents, all asset’s obligations, and we inform you of the financial condition of your plant. τεχνική διαχείριση

Price and Production Forecasts

We use state-of-the-art methods of forecasting for the production of your installed RES capacity, as to avoid as many financial losses as possible due to of imbalances.

Similarly, we use market pricing forecasting methods to optimize our participation in the following markets of the Hellenic Energy Exchange. τεχνική διαχείριση

Optimized Representation

  • In the Day Ahead market
  • In the Intra-Day Spot market
  • In the futures market (price hedging - risk management)
  • In the balancing and auxiliary services market in Greece.
  • In the market of Environmental Products τεχνική διαχείριση

Direct and immediate Payments

We manage and clear transactions on a daily basis for the Day Ahead- and Intra-Day markets and on a monthly basis for imbalance charges.

Representation in the Energy Market