Technical problems can cause, when it comes to owning power plants, sleepless nights. Let us worry about that. Thanks to our specialized software and our qualified team we are monitoring assets 24/7, 365 days a year, store all necessary data on a daily basis and provide in-depth reports so as your investment achieves its maximum performances and you get a good night’s sleep.

We promptly manage errors that occur in order to reduce downtime of the plant to the minimum. We evaluate those errors and we attempt to find a solution remotely. If that isn’t enough, we inform our competent serviceteam, or one of yours to solve the problem on site. τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Fault analysis τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Improved Performance τηλεπαρακοούθηση


Fault analysis

Years of experience have shown us that 60% of most plants need a simple reset to solve an error that is stopping it from operating, those errors don’t need much time to be solved and still are reducing your income significantly. We believe that no plant should be stopping for reasons like that, for more than 1 hour. We pride ourselves in having a reaction time, from the moment the plant stops till when it is back in operation, of 15 Minutes.

Improved Performance

Our remote data monitoring department does a lot more than just monitoring though. We meticulously collect and harmoniously save as much relevant data as possible. We then evaluate these to achieve better perfomarmance, higher availability of the plant, reduce material wear of and for your assets.


Our remote data monitoring department serves as a basis for the technical and commercial management of your assets. Being always available, they are also there to provide anyone with the necessary information regarding your assets, be it the TSO, your Energy Broker or a form of emergency.