In order to ensure peak operating time of all systems- be it Wind Turbines or Photovoltaic, as well as their flawless technical availability and production, and therefore increase the service life, a lot of workflow needs to be communicated to the necessary personnel. Be it the remote monitoring department or the maintenance team, to ensure top quality service one first needs to ensure top quality technical management.

Our technical managers are responsible for the coordination, supervision and guidance of the qualified technicians working on your power plant, be it remotely or on site, in order to ensure the quality of service your asset deserves. τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Supervision of the Power Plant τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Reporting and Performance analysis τηλεπαρακοούθηση

Compliance to legal regulation

Supervision of the Power Plant

Because every customer has his own requirements, wishes and goals. We opt to decide together with each of them what might be considered advantageous or counterproductive. In addition, no two power plants are the same: both the type of machinery used, the size of the wind or solar park and their respective location with its special geographic and morphological conditions influence the decision on which the best possible maintenance plan is.

Based on the specifications of each manufacturer, the needs and the peculiarities of each installation, the program of regular maintenance for each installation is prepared and is regularly checked for its observance and for its functionality.

Reporting and Performance analysis

The data provided by our Data Monitoring department is analyzed in a technical report prepared on a monthly basis, for each installation and includes the energy production, the availability of the installation, the production loss and the list of events and faults in accordance with the measurements of the installation.

Thanks to the direct recording of data in a logbook and based on the information provided by the manufacturer of each installation, it is possible to extract monthly reports providing all the necessary insights. It is issued after one month of recording and concerns the whole month past by displaying data for each day.

Compliance to legal regulation

As part of the service provided and by providing us with all the necessary documents (e.g. production license, operation license, etc.) we ensure that your installation complies with the specific installation terms and their renewal as well as contracts with third parties (e.g. Connection terms, contracts with various contractors) for the compliance and appliance of agreements. Lastly, all reports and documents addressed by third parties to the owner of the RES power plant are checked.